Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in a small castle, somewhere in the woods. Her name was Cinderella. One day an old witch knocked on her castle door and offered her a box of chocolates. Cinderella replied with: "Sorry miss witch, but I can't eat those. I'm already too fat and these chocolates look so greasy. Ugh!" And with a bang she smashed the castle door.

The next day the witch knocked again on Cinderella's castle door. This time the witch was dressed up like Cindy Crawford, a super model. She offered Cinderella this time a packet of extra light chewing gum.

Cinderella gracefully accepted the packet of chewing gum and again closed the door with a bang. Slowely she took one gum out of the packet and placed it, like a soon-to-be-topmodel on her tongue. Like a tourist who was lost for thirty days in the desert, she chewed on the gum.
Bamm! Suddenly Cinderella fell to the floor. The wicked old witch had poisoned the packet of chewing gum. Now she managed to open the castle door again and took Cinderella on her broom and flew away to her hiding place, a castle in the woods, where she kept Cinderella as an householding slave.
Now, You are a prince, let's say prince perfect, and you have to rescue Cinderella. You have to enter a maze, in order to get to Cinderella and rescue her from the evil witch. The maze is full of dangers and you have to use your common sense to get to her. Be aware, because some things are not what they seem to be.

Well, I think you are ready to enter the maze. Good luck and remember: some of those who've entered the maze before have not returned.

Enter the Maze!

Good Luck!